All you need to know about escort industry.

Why Use an Agency to Hire an Adult Escort

Many adult escorts work independently and advertise their services in the small ads, newspapers or even with cards strategically placed in areas where men are likely to be seeking their services. Some list a name and number; others use a photo alongside and many provide a list of services provided. However, there are a number of advantages to looking at an agency escort rather than an independent, especially if it is your first time. Independent escorts may not be honest regarding their appearance, using out of date photos or even photos of another escort to try to get you to call. With an agency you can be 100% sure that the girl you see in the escort gallery is the same girl that will arrive on the night, and will look the same – or even more delicious – in the flesh. With a professional agency checks are completed on the girls so you can benefit from better consistency of service, and each time you make an appointment you will get what you are looking for. You also get much greater variety and can pick and chose based on your daily whims. An agency is also a hive of information and will know what its girls like to do, where they like to go and what naughty games they like to play. When you call an escort agency, you can explain what you have in mind. Don’t be shy. The agency doesn’t think you are meeting up because you are bored and want to chat. They will expect you to have specific tastes. Check out the sexual acronyms and terms to use prior to your call and they will make sure that your desired adult escort will be happy to play the games you want to play. If not, they will be able to recommend a girl who will be best suited to the type of date you have in mind.

Incall Escorts Apartments – What to Expect

If you are considering a romantic tryst with an incall escort, you will want to spend your time in total comfort. In a nice apartment without paint peeling off the walls, soggy sheets and bare bulbs handing from the ceiling. The location does in fact play an important part in how your hour of two goes, and spending that time in a luxurious apartment is going to make for a much better experience than in a dodgy dive in a rough part of the city. As a general rule of thumb, the more you pay for your date, the better the quality of pad your incall escort is likely to have. Many escorts have luxurious homes with complete privacy. Do check prior to booking to make sure you will be getting the level of comfort, luxury and secrecy you desire. Also check to see if there is parking available. Many escorts have private and secure parking very close to their pads. So you can relax and enjoy your time together rather than be worried about some little scallywag keying your car or relieving it of its contents. Secure, covered parking or a space out of sight of the street is also an important consideration. Especially if you know people in the area and want to make sure your encounter remains private and discreet.

Get to Know Your Sexual Acronyms and Adult Escort Terms

In a previous post we explained some of the terms that are most commonly used in the adult entertainment industry by ladies wishing to alert potential clients to what they love to do in private, and what they don’t. We have covered the common GFE, CIM, OWO, PSE and A+ / A-Level services, but there are many more terms used to describe what girls like to do to have fun with their clients. Many adult escorts offer a list of services longer than your arm. Others prefer to concentrate on just a few specialities which they positively excel at. Look for the acronyms and abbreviations first and you can be sure that your evening, weekend or lunch hour is going to give you exactly what you want. Just remember, if the service is not listed, the girl of your dreams is may not be willing to explore your particular fantasy, so do check before booking to avoid disappointment. Here are some of the more colourful sexual acronyms used by some adult escorts

  • BBBJ – Bare-Back Blow Job
  • CD – Cross Dressing
  • COB – finish on Body
  • FK – French Kissing (or DFK for Deep French Kissing)
  • FJ – Foot Job
  • FS – Full Service
  • LK and HK – Light and Heavy Kissing
  • MILF – Mother I’d Like to F*** – A more mature adult escort
  • MSOG – Multiple Shots on Goal
  • TS – Transsexual – be sure to look out for this if you don’t want to be surprised
  • XO or XOXO – Kisses and hugs

Of course, if you cannot work out a particular sexual acronym and you see it anywhere on these pages or elsewhere, just ask us.

Have a Fine Dining Experience with a Delightful Escort in London

London is jam-packed full of fine dining establishments and many people travel to the capital solely to have a gastronomic tour; taking in exquisite offerings from some of the world’s finest and most talented chefs. However, dining alone can be a bore and if you want the best gastronomic experience, why not add the company a sublimely beautiful woman. Hire a high class escort used to dining at exclusive London eateries and you are in for an amazing, fun encounter that is sure to bring out the best in the food, as well as the best in you.

Not sure where the hottest London restaurants are? Why not check out this small selection. Just be sure to book your table – and your girl – well in advance. Start with the table, it will be harder to get!

Top London Michelin Starred Restaurants.

3-Michelin Stars (2014)

  • Chelsea: Gordon Ramsay
  • Mayfair: Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

2-Michelin Stars (2014)

  • Belgravia: Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley
  • Hyde Park: Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel
  • Kensington: The Ledbury
  • Mayfair: Greenhouse
  • Mayfair: Helene Darroze at The Connaught
  • Mayfair: Hibiscus
  • Mayfair: Le Gavroche
  • Mayfair: Sketch
  • Mayfair: The Square

Escort company welcomes regular sex

Escorts models report: researchers from Scotland proved an “anti-stress” effect of sex, manifested in both men and women. 24 women and 22 men recorded the level of own sexual activity in a diary. Further, researchers staged stress situation described by participants: speeches in public, mockery, problem solving. Then, experts checked peculiar stress indicators, including blood pressure. A level escort girls read those people leading intensive sex life are more resistant to stress. Sex lowers blood pressure. Studies show the level of diastolic blood pressure (bottom number) is much lower in those men and women that live with partners and often have sex. Sex burns calories. 30 minutes of “average” sex burn 85 calories (or more). Calculate how much you are to burn for a month! Sex enhances immunity. 1-2 intimate episodes a week ensure you have high level of specific antibodies – immunoglobulin A (IgA). This will protect you from cold, flu, SARS and other infections. Finally, petite escort London girls claim regular sex protects men from prostate cancer. Thus, sex brings fun, cheers up and transfer relations to a new level.

London escort agency on sex

London escort girls understand approach to practical implementation of sexual fantasies involve certain complexities and conventions, which, however, cannot justify denial of this very implementation.

Let’s start with general principles, necessary for sex with a woman. To realize any fantasy, one should have true desire and physical ability to carry out this fantasy. That’s men’s nature: sex is impossible without desire and physical capacity (at body level!). Why? Read professional literature and reports on London escort agency forums. If your fundamental factors are ok, you can proceed to circumstances on types. We see as much female body today, as never before. Yet, when smiling figures adorn covers of magazines in the shop windows – this is one thing; but when we see them on huge billboards – that’s quite another matter. In some states, the use of erotic female images is prohibited to prevent growth of road traffic accidents. Be wise, think carefully, choose the best option and enjoy!